Welcome to the pages of Ab Ronja Marin Ltd.

Ab Ronja Marin was established in 1999 by captain Anders Isaksson in order to offer a flexible and reliable alternative in short sea shipping.
The company´s first vessel was mv. Ronja (670 DWT), equipped with an excavator for selfdischarge. She was replaced in 2002 by mv. Rebecca (1020 DWT), whom stayed in the fleet untill late 2007, when she was sold for further trading.

Of the present tonnage, mv. Riona (1263 DWT) was aquired in may 2007 and mv. Ramona (1529 DWT) in april 2008. Since the acquisition, both vessels have been trading mostly in the Baltic Sea, but also occasionally calling North Sea and continental ports.

Firther expansion and renewal of the fleet are in planning and will be realised when the time is right.


With our ships Ramona and Riona we can offer you fully boxed cargo holds, steel floored and strenghtened for heavy cargoes, and equipped with movable bulkheads.

The crews are well-trained and used to navigating in narrow waters. Due to the low airdrafts and loaded drafts of the ships, we are capable of serving you in almost any port in Northern Europe.


Our company has experience in producing educational services, in various nautical sciences, at Åbo Navigationsinstitut (Turku Maritime Institute), Yrkeshögskolan Sydväst. These services are offered mostly at our Shipping Off-season, January-March.


In addition to successfully producing various manuals for our own vessels, we have assisted other companies with as well guidance as the finished SOLAS-compatible product for their dry cargo coasters. Our working language is Swedish, but we are also fluent in both English and Finnish.

Our experience includes ISPS, Training Manuals, ISM, Garbage Plan & Record Book and SOPEP.


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